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Vincent Knakal Photography

Vincent Knakal of Vincent Knakal Photography is a commercial and editorial photographer specializing in both studio and location environments.

The Southern California native studied Fine Arts/Communication Arts at Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles and began his career in the '90s, capturing stunning imagery during his travels throughout the world and exhibiting his work in galleries along the West Coast. When Vincent settled in San Diego nearly two decades ago, he shifted his focus toward commercial photography, delivering award-winning work within the hospitality, fashion, and automotive industries.

His eye for detail and sense of timing is obvious in his work. Vincent has extensive experience working in the resort and hospitality industry capture images in over a hundred of San Diego's finest restaurants and resorts. His food photography has been featured in publications, cookbooks, and advertising.

In addition to his work at Vincent Knakal Photography, Vincent is also the Director of Photography for Mad Media, where he captures athletes and their machines around the globe in categories ranging from off-road to drifting in both two- and four-wheeled vehicles. And as a contributing photographer for Ranch & Coast Magazine, his captivating editorial covers and feature photography have earned Knakal numerous San Diego Press Club Awards in categories including food, fashion, home environment, and portraiture. (760) 594-1328 | Vincent Knakal Photography

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